Should I give a heater to fans on Instagram?

If you are reselling the best electric tankless water heater for a large family, you should consider that.
This is why?

instagram giveaway

People these days like to test a product before they buy. They see it as a way to know if the item is working as it is advertised. You will have lots of sales if someone posts a review about it. People will see that you are selling the item advertised and will trust you with their money.

I should have included this in my post on Facebook marketing strategies.

Let’s say you a promoting a store when you sell heaters and other home appliances.
You can give something cheaper than a heater like a pot or stainless plate. It won’t cost you a lot.
Give up to 1 dozen or a packet of that to your fans. After that, you are sure of their trust. They will be willing to try out your heater even if it is the worst in the market.
Did I just say that?

I understand well that there are good and bad products. People still promote the bad one even when they are aware of its low quality. Maybe they spent money on acquiring it and want to sell it off to get back their money. This is happening everywhere.
But, it will be cool if you always buy one product and test it before you decide to sell it to the public.
That way, you can know if it a good one or not. You will have a clear conscience. Your buyers won’t say negative things about what you are selling.

If you decide as a store owner to give out any product, you have a chance of selling more.
This has been confirmed to be a nice approach to sell both offline and online.

For that reason, if you plan to give a heater to your fans, you should go ahead. You will be opening doors for trust and more sales. Don’t start thinking negatively about the move. If you are sure of how excellent your item is, you should give a least one out.
You will know in the long run that you made a nice decision.
So, do that after reading this or whenever you think you are ready.

I will happy to know the result you got after doing that. Just use the form available below to let me know what happened after that. Maybe, you will be encouraging others to do the same.

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